Jörg Später

Siegfried Kracauer - Biography

(German title: Siegfried Kracauer)
ca. 740 pages
Jörg Später

Jörg Später

Jörg Später, born 1966, is a historian and research fellow at the department for Contemporary History at the University of Freiburg.

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»Please, call me Krac.«


Siegfried Kracauer, born in Frankfurt (Main) in 1889, died in New York in 1966, was truly multifaceted: architect, author, journalist, member of the philosophical quartet with Adorno, Benjamin and Bloch, political leftist. From 1933 to 1941, he was fleeing from the Nazis, first to Paris and then via Marseille and Lisbon to finally arrive in New York, where he took part in the psychological warfare against Nazi-Germany, but was also active as a screenwriter, a social scientist and lastly, the most general description of his: a philosophical author.

Historian Jörg Später has followed the trails of this multifaceted life and written the first major biography about this extraordinary man. He illuminates the places and the milieus, lets us take a part in Kracauer’s friendships and introduces new perspectives on his work.

Kracauer’s multidimensional body of work was translated in over 15 languages and his influence on modern media as one of the founding fathers of the sociology of film makes him more relevant than ever.