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Non-exclusive reprint permissions / anthology rights

If you would like to reprint texts or excerpts from works published under any of the imprints shown above, please complete our online form. Upon submitting the form, you will automatically receive an email confirmation of your request. Please bear the following points in mind when submitting requests:

1. Please check the publisher’s information inside the work in question to see whether the copyright really is held by one of the imprints listed above.

2. When submitting requests, please state the precise source, i.e. a reference to a title published within one of the above imprints. Without a source, your enquiry cannot be processed.

3. Please submit a separate inquiry for each publication from which you want to reprint one or more excerpts. After submitting the online form for the required text, you will have the opportunity to draw a new inquiry for your publication while all relevant information will remain unchanged.

4. Please note that a fee is payable on all reprints from our titles.

5. All requests should be sent by online submission form only. Telephone or email requests cannot be considered.

6. Requests generally take a minimum of four to six weeks to process. Please bear this in mind when submitting your request.
7. If you or your publishing house is based within the European Union, please remember to indicate your VAT number. Without the VAT number we need to add the German value-added tax to the agreed permission fee.

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If you have any technical problems don't hesitate to contact us at


If you would like to reprint an illustration or photo from one of our books or catalogues, or from our website, please apply to:

Picture editor
Matthias Reiner

Pappelallee 78-79

10437 Berlin

Tel. +49-30/740744-280
Fax +49-30/740744-199

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Requests concerning radio readings and sound recording rights should be addressed to:
Christoph Hassenzahl
Pappelallee 78-79
10437 Berlin
Tel. +49-30/740744-232
Fax +49-30/740744-199

For requests relating to anthologies on sound recording media (non-exclusive), please use our online form.

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