Valentin Beck

A Theory of Global Responsibility - What We Owe People Living in Abject Poverty

Valentin Beck

Valentin Beck

Valentin Beck is a research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin.

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At the beginning of the 21st century, still a large part of the global population is living in abject poverty. This leads to the burning question of what the citizens of wealthy countries owe desperately poor people from a moral point of view.

Valentin Beck answers this question in the context of a comprehensive theory of global responsibility. In his brilliantly written book, he deals with central questions of the theory of global justice as well as performing a thorough analysis of our interlacing with global social structures. In doing so, he sheds new light onto one of the biggest moral challenges of our time. The central demand of this study is that we must change our way of thinking by considering the political and individual dealings with global poverty.


»It’s amazing from how many different sides the author approaches his moral question, how he discusses pros and cons relentlessly« Hilal Sezgin, DIE ZEIT