Matthias Sachau

Alicia Disappears - Novel

(German title: Alicia verschwindet)
ca. 243 pages
Matthias Sachau
Foto: Matthias Sachau
© Hanna Sachau

Matthias Sachau, born 1969, began to write after working briefly as an architect. He published various comedy novels with great success. Matthias Sachau lives and works in Berlin and Regensburg.

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Arabic world rights (Dar Oktob)

A gripping novel about unspoken feelings and the challenges that sometimes have to be overcome on the path to happiness.

»The mystery around Alicia and the book she left behind was so important to me that I didn’t hesitate. I would drive to the Isle of Portland, to Alicia’s late grandfather’s house. Even if she wasn’t there, the drive would distract me. I headed down to our underground car park, which smelt more of perfume than of exhaust fumes, revved up my old E-Type and tore out into London’s traffic.«


Alicia and Robert are best friends. But then one day, Alicia suddenly disappears without a word of explanation. The only clues she left are three Photos and her favourite book, Wuthering Heights.

Robert’s inquiries in London lead nowhere. And so he sets out on an adventurous journey that not only takes him across England, but also back into his own past … More and more, the search for his friend becomes a quest for himself. It’s only when he confronts his true feelings that he can find Alicia. And her love.