Wolfram Höll

And Then/Of the Disappearance of the Father/Three Are We

Wolfram Höll
Foto: Wolfram Höll
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Wolfram Höll, born in Leipzig in 1986, is an author and radio play director and lives in Biel. He studied Creative Writing at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel and Drama at the University of the Arts Bern. His play And Then premiered at the Schauspiel Leipzig in 2013 and received numerous awards, including the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis 2014. during the 2014/15 season Höll was an in-house writer at the Theater Basel, where his play Of the Disappearance of the Father premiered in May 2015. He was awarded the Lessing-Advancement Award of the Free State of Saxony as well as the Drama Prize of the Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy at the Federation of German Industries e. V. in 2015. Wolfram Höll reieceved the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis 2016 for Three Are We.

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Russia (Of the Disappearance of the Father; Libra), France (L’Arche)

»Trisomy / means one / too many.« from: Three Are We


»The child speaks, it narrates and counts the apartment blocks, the big stones on the playground, the floors and doorbells, and before you know it, you are caught in an arithmetic of loss, are saddened by the number, a three that always refers to a four that, unfortunately, does not exist, and the two suffers under the three, under the missing of one. The child counts and there is no counting rhyme that could undo the absence and retrieve what has been lost, because even a counting rhyme ends with the delineating ›out goes you‹. Rarely has a text moved me so sadly and cheered me up with its intelligent fragility,« writes the playwright Ewald Palmetshofer about Wolfram Höll’s multi-award winning debut And Then.

This volume contains the plays And Then, Of the Disappearance of the Father and Three Are We, which reveal Wolfram Höll to be one of the most radical German-language playwrights.


»The type face in and of itself is a production. It would be a drama indeed if this so very unique dramatic language wouldn’t spread all throughout the country.« Tobias Becker, SPIEGEL ONLINE

»There are but few playwrights in Germany that are of the same world class as Wolfram Höll.« Susann Fleischer, literaturmarkt.info