Claus Leggewie

Anti-Europeans - Breivik, Dugin, al-Suri & Co.

(German title: Anti-Europäer)
ca. 176 pages
Claus Leggewie

Claus Leggewie

Claus Leggewie, born1950, is the director of the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) in Essen and co-editor of the magazine Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik.

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The Greek crisis and the lack of willingness to act when dealing with refugees have shown clearly that the European Union is troubled. Additionally, there are more and more voices of various degrees of provenance that attack Europe and question European values: identitarians like the mass murderer Anders Breivik, jihadists like the Syrian Abu Musab al-Suri, »Eurasians« like Putin-advisor Alexander Dugin, but also some left-wing populists associated with Syriza and Podemos.

Claus Leggewie presents a profile on leaders and political entrepreneurs who, independently of one another but often in inadvertent complicity, intend to scrap the »Fortress Europe«. He explains where they come from and which plans they are pursuing. And he asks for politics to finally face up to them.


»an eminently important book« Samuel Salzborn, taz. die tageszeitung