Sibylle Lewitscharoff

Apostoloff - Novel

(German title: Apostoloff)
ca. 247 pages
Sibylle Lewitscharoff
Foto: Sibylle Lewitscharoff
© Jürgen Bauer

»Sibylle Lewitscharoff writes with a linguistic force that is unparalleled in German literature « Paul Jandl, Neue Züricher Zeitung

Sibylle Lewitscharoff, born in Stuttgart in 1954, lives in Berlin.

Awards (Selection):

2013: Georg-Büchner-Prize

2011: Marieluise-Fleißer-Prize

2011: Kleist-Prize

2009: Leipzig Book Fair Prize for Apostoloff

1998: Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize

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English world rights (Seagull), Spanish world rights (Hidalgo), Chinese simplex rights (Beijing Qingyan), Chinese complex rights (China Times Publishing), France (Piranha), Italy (Del Vecchio Editore), Hungary (Bookart), Bulgaria (Atlantis), Republic of Moldova / Romanian Rights (Cartier), Estonia (Atlex), Serbia (Presing Izdavastvo), Macedonia (Ars Lamina)

Domestic Rights Sales: German Book Club (Bertelsmann), German Audiobook (Der Hörverlag)

Georg-Büchner-Prize 2013
Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2009
Marie-Luise-Kaschnitz-Prize 2008


Two sisters, one driver: Their journey through Bulgaria becomes a black-humored pay-off with their father and his country.

Two sisters are travelling through present-day Bulgaria. On the first half of their journey they were part of a grand convoy of limousines, taking the bodies of 19 Bulgarian expatriates, including their fathers, from Stuttgart back to their homeland. Now they are tourists, being chauffeured by Rumen Apostoloff. He wants to show them his country’s treasures but his attempts to mediate between Sofia and Stuttgart are not successful. For both sisters the Bulgarian inheritance is a heavy load.


»The novel’s brilliance rests in the way it mercilessly plays with language. The reader simply cannot get enough of the often gruff, sometimes pointed, sometimes theatrical meandering tirades of the bellicose tyrant of a heroine.« Literaturen

»Lewitscharoff’s style does not center on an analysis or exposition of the dysfunctional family, but instead on its transformation into the comic, the burlesque, the grotesque, into a Punch-and-Judy show at the world’s great carnival.« Die Zeit

»Those looking to get to know Sibylle Lewitscharoff will find a little bit of Eichendorff, a little Robert Walser and Peter Handke, and a bit of world-weary impudence and a tremendous desire for expression, a great deal of politeness and precision, a penchant for despising the absurd and, above all, a well-traveled savviness that is as at ease in different surroundings as it is stubborn to not be dissuaded from the conviction that life is full of beauty.« Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Apostoloff is brimming with ferocity, plays on language and impertinence. Sparkling, enjoy-able literature.« Der Spiegel

»The most dazzling stylist of contemporary German literature unleashes a barrage against Bulgaria.« Die Welt

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English world rights (Seagull), Spanish world rights (Adriana Hidalgo), Chinese simplex rights (Shanghai Translation Publishing House), France (Les Belles Lettres), Italy (Del Vecchio Editore), Bulgaria (Atlantis), Slovenia (Sodobnost)