Friederike Mayröcker

as I in the morning and moss green. come up to the window

Friederike Mayröcker
Foto: Friederike Mayröcker
© Brigitte Friedrich

Friederike Mayröcker was born in 1924 in Vienna. From 1946-69 she taught English at various secondary schools in Vienna. Her first literary works date back to 1939. She published poems in a journal as of 1946, in 1956 her first book came out. Since then she has written poetry, prose, plays, radio plays and children's books. She has been honoured with numerous distinguished national and international literary awards, among them:

Bremer Literaturpreis 2011

Peter-Huchel-Preis 2010

Hermann-Lenz-Preis 2010

Premio Internazionale 2003

Georg-Büchner-Preis 2001

Karl-Sczuka-Preis 2001

America Award Prize 1997

Else-Lasker-Schüler-Preis 1996

Friedrich-Hölderlin-Preis 1993

Erich-Nossack-Preis 1989

Anton-Wildgans-Preis 1982

Großer Österreichischer Staatspreis 1982

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Nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2021

»Mayröcker is the major elegist of our time, our comprehensive chronicler of the mind and body in extremis.« Ryan Ruby, Poetry Foundation


»Esteemed listeners, do not try to lift the secret of this text«, orders Friederike Mayröcker in her new work of prose – but even its title leaves an infallible track.

as I in the morning and moss green. come up to the window leaves no doubt about what is still to do, day after day: looking at the world alertly and with curiosity and take an art from it that transforms words into shooting stars and considers language itself an almost inexhaustible poetic magic kit: »my texts are created through eyes that reproduce themselves« is one of the secrets that the Viennese poet reveals to her readers after all.

Even though »corporeality« may have become cumbersome in old age, even though the lists of words that have been lost over the years may become longer, as the poet herself laments – »in my dreams I am young, in my dreams I am high«, ensures Friederike Mayröcker and this credo is all the more true for her incomparable, limitless and wholly uninterpretable poetry.


»Just a few more years until the poet turns one hundred. But she writes with a freshness that makes it seem as though she had only just begun writing.« Paul Jandl, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

»The freshness, the comicality of ageing, the youthfulness of the aleatory leaps, the lust for evocation and digression, the technique of hurried cross-fades and fade-outs, the nervous layering and superimposition of frequencies that tirelessly propel this masterpiece of language are surprising.« Friederike Reents, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»With every new book [by Mayröcker] you feel refreshed by a brisk literary wind.« Tobias Lehmkuhl, Süddeutsche Zeitung

»For almost seventy years now, Friederike Mayröcker’s books have been very delicately spun fabrics […] made from ecstatic experiences of nature, headlines, memory particles, images from childhood and dream scenarios. With her stunning powers of imagination she creates vibrant mosaics with them.« Michael Braun, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

»[…] of tremendous beauty. By creating an all-encompassing, ecstatic space of perception, the author succeeds in creating a cosmic unity.« Berliner Zeitung

»Stunning imagery ...« Juliane Bergmann, NDR

»In her new poetic journal, Friederike Mayröcker proves herself to be an alert author. Reading the individual short texts attentively will bring a bountiful reward. This is literature at its finest, because it interweaves prose, poetry and reflection into an inimitable textual fabric.« Andreas Puff-Trojan, SWR

»95-year-old Friederike Mayröcker is the most exciting woman in German-language literature. Her new work [...] as I in the morning and moss green. come up to the window creates a sensual, ecstatic reading experience.« Michael Roland Gutsch, Nordkurier

»Once more the 95-year-old spins fractions of words into shimmering garlands of sentences and cascades of thoughts flowing down the pages.« Michael Wurmitzer, Der Standard

Other publications

Jimi/Jimi (2020)

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fleurs/fleurs (2016)

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English world rights (Seagull)

Cahier/cahier (2014)

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English world rights (Seagull)

études/études (2013)

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English world rights (Seagull)

ich sitze nur GRAUSAM da/ich sitze nur GRAUSAM da (2012)

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English world rights (Seagull), France (Atelier de l'Agneau), Bulgaria (Ergo)

Scardanelli/Scardanelli (2009)

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USA (The Song Cave), Spain (Ediciones de Aqui), France (Atelier de l'Agneau); previously published in the respective language / territory; rights available again: Sweden (Ellerströms), Hungary (Pluralica)

Und ich schüttelte einen Liebling/And I Shook Myself a Beloved (2005)

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English world rights (A Public Space), Czech Republic (Dybbuk); previously published in the respective language / territory; rights available again: Sweden (Ellerströms)

brütt oder Die seufzenden Gärten/brütt (1998)

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Previously published in the respective language / territory; rights available again: English world rights (Northwestern UP), France (Atelier de l'Agneau)

Reise durch die Nacht/Night Train (1984)

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English world rights (Ariadne Press), France (Atelier de l’Agneau), Denmark (Palomar); previously published in the respective language / territory; rights available again: Italy (Sellerio), Hungary (Jelenkor Kiado), Lithuania (Reklamos Vertimo Leidybos Vad)