Louis Begley

As Max saw it - Novel

Original US edition: Alfred A. Knopf, 1994 / German edition: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1995
(German title: Wie Max es sah)
ca. 146 pages
Louis Begley
Foto: Louis Begley
© Jerry Bauer

Louis Begley, born 1933, lives in New York City.

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»[A] Perfectly Constructed Novel.« Time


»The time is 1974, and Max, who is fleeing from the wreckage of his first marriage, is a summer-house guest on Lake Como, where he encounters the two characters who will shape his life over the next 20 years: Charlie Swan, a Harvard classmate from the 1950s turned famous architect […] and Toby, a poised and polymorphous teenager who is soon to become Charlie's protege and lover.« Time


»Elegant and Powerful. […] Charlie Swan is a grand invention – a big, booming American who bears evidence of Begley's admiration for F. Scott Fitzgerald. Begley does a superb job of gradually involving Max, his narrator and Charlie's friend, as a loving witness and an inseparable participant. […] [A] startling feat.« The New Yorker

»Powerful […] A consummately beautiful – and major – work of literary art.« The New York Times Book Review

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UK (Macmillan), Brazil Portuguese rights (Companhia das Letras), France (Grasset), Italy (Bompiani), Netherland (Balans), Poland (NOWA)

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