Bettina Rust

Berlin - Favourite Places

With colour photographs and illustrations
(German title: Berlin – Lieblingsorte)
ca. 236 pages
Bettina Rust
Foto: Bettina Rust
© privat

Bettina Rust studied marketing and communications in Hamburg. In 1992 she began working for various radio and TV stations as a presenter. Since 2002 she has been the presenter of “Hörbar Rust” for Radio Eins, interviewing prominent figures from the world of politics, show business, and beyond, receiving the European Podcast Award for her efforts in 2008. You can listen to her latest podcast, “The Columnist”, at Audible.de.

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With insider’s tips on art & culture, the country & its people, culinary delights & cherished sites

English translation published by Insel Verlag (translated by Alexander Booth)


You love Berlin and know the extraordinary city on the Spree like the back of your hand? You’ll be surprised by how much is still waiting to be discovered! This book will take you to places that may soon become some of your favourites and where you’ll want to return over and over again.

What would a perfect day in Berlin look like? Start off with a panorama view of the city from the ‘Skyline’ canteen on the 20th floor of the Technical University. Afterwards make your way to the teahouse with the thatched roof in the English Garden and snap a selfie, signing it ‘Warm Greetings from Sylt!’ In the cabinet of curiosities that is the antique shop on Winterfeldtstrasse you’ll encounter mysterious things like flying pufferfish and dinosaur teeth. Then head on over to Moabit, which to many of the city’s inhabitants is the new Kreuzberg, or rather, the old Kreuzberg of 30 or 40 years ago, when the makeshift counted for far more than the perfect. Finish off the evening just a stone’s throw from Zoo Station at the Hat Bar, where you’ll find musicians from the whole world jamming the night away.

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Our insel taschenbuch travel series takes you to places that could soon become your favourite places and to which you’ll want to keep returning. Discover hidden locations and parks, shop on the most beautiful markets and enjoy the best cafés, restaurants and bars of the city! Our authors have rediscovered their (chosen) home like strangers but with the »home advantage«. Two pages are dedicated to each favourite place with colour photographs, special tips, directions and opening hours. With the practical arrangement according to neighbourhoods you can explore the surroundings of your favourite place at the same time.


»Bettina Rust’s book about this city is […] meant as a declaration of love, filled with anecdotes and stories.« Angie Pohlers, Der Tagesspiegel

»On the one hand, we receive tips for Berlin from a true expert on Berlin, on the other hand you have the pleasure of reading about the life of the storyteller Bettina Rust.« Christoph Amend, ZEIT Magazin

»Berlin – Favourite Places works like a costume stock: The book offers all the props and stages directions necessary to transform a randomly chosen tourist into a new inhabitant of Berlin over the course of 232 pages.« Regine Hader, Goethe-Institut Dezember 2018

»If you set out to discover Bettina Rust‘s 60 favourite places with the book in hand, you’ll be out and about longer than you initially planned for sure. Because Berlin is an effervescent, lively city and on their walks, every reader will surely discover places that they are going to elect as their favourite places.« tourismus-journalisten.de

»Bettina Rust has written an entertaining travel guide that makes you want to take a trip to the capital.« Barbara