Andreas Pflüger

Blindsided - Thriller

Jenny Aaron #3
(German title: Geblendet)
ca. 508 pages
Andreas Pflüger
Foto: Andreas Pflüger
© Stefan Klüter

Andreas Pflüger was born in 1957. He is one of Germany’s most renowned scriptwriters.

Among his multiple-award-winning scripts are The Ninth Day and Strike, both directed by Volker Schlöndorff, as well as over twenty episodes of Tatort. Never is the second instalment of his trilogy on the blind heroine Jenny Aaron.

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The new book by the bestselling author – More than 150.000 sold copies of the Jenny-Aaron-series

»In the end, it’s your opponent you defeat but yourself.«


Blind Special Agent Jenny Aaron pins all her hopes on a therapy that is meant to give her back her eyesight. But the men who died for her last winter won’t let go of her.

Jenny Aaron was forced to decide between life and death many times before, often in the fraction of a second. She never hesitated. But now she finds herself at a crossroads. What is more important: the possibility of getting back her eyesight or protecting the Department, the secret elite unit to which she has dedicated her life, from its biggest threat? The Department’s code: It’s never easy. And this holds true now more than ever. Because its obliteration is within a hair’s breadth. But is the Department really what Aaron thought it was?

Andreas Pflüger’s new thriller featuring the blind heroine Jenny Aaron is an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride through darkness and the merciless result of a life that may have been built on a lie.


»One preconception is quite persisent: that crime novels of German provenance don't achieve the same quality of those written by Anglo-American authors. Those who choose to think like that might run the risk [...] of missing Pflüger's new novel. [...] Irresistible.« Jürg Zbinden, NZZ am Sonntag

»Pflüger writes in a league of his own, violent, with powerful eloquence and great delicacy. Brilliant, addictive.« Rose-Maria Gropp, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Nothing in this book is superfluous, a lot of it is almost too good. It’s bloody and funny and philosophical and poetic. It’s what we need this autumn.« Elmar Krekeler, DIE WELT am Sonntag

»The nature of ›thriller‹ takes breathtaking shape in Andreas Pflüger’s work.« Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Forget James Bond. Jenny Aaron is tougher!« Marcel Emonds-Pool, Aachener Zeitung

»The Berlin-based author creates scenes that act like power surges and the new volume of his Jenny-Aaron-series possesses the energy of a shock wave that pulsates throughout the whole book. An unforgettable experience.« Günter Keil, Augsburger Allgemeine

»Andreas Pflüger is one of the few European thriller writers who create incredible suspense with short and fast sentences. His ingenious word creations excite every fan of literature.« Andreas Wallentin, WDR

»With Blindsided, Andreas Pflüger has surpassed himself. […] If you want to get excited about reading again, you should read Pflüger, ideally all three Jenny Aaron volumes back to back and Operation Rubicon as an encore.« Strandgut – DAS KULTURMAGAZIN

»Three brilliantly constructed and intelligently written thrillers with depth. […] Andreas Pflüger maintains the tension to the very last line.« Ingeborg Salomon, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

»When it comes to style and suspense, Blindsided is simply brilliant.« Matthias Sobottka, Landeszeitung Lüneburg

»A game of confusion with numerous characters on the political board, brutal and intelligent.« Karoline Pilcz, Buchkultur

»There is not a single superfluous sentence in this book, not one expendable scene, no indept pitch and no failed metaphor. I don’t know any contemporary novelist who would be on the same stylistic level as Andreas Pflüger.« Werner Fuld, CulturMag

»[…] the novel [impresses] with sentences and scenes that are as accurate and dead-aim as its protagonists. Pflüger translates physiological as well as psychological research into literature with poetic precision.« Michael Helbig, Thüringer Allgemeine

»Once more Andreas Pflüger has delivered a crime novel packed with suspense where it's only at the end that you notice that you have been holding your breath the whole time.« Stephan Schwammel, Eschborner Stadtmagazin

»Apart from Andreas Pflüger, there are very few writers at the moment who can claim to fence their crime novels with such an elegant literary foil.« Emmanuel van Stein, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

»Andreas Pflüger has mastered the art of writing thrillers. Detailed dramatics meet accomplished literaricity here. The internal view of a blinded agent is worth taking a literary journey.« Martin G. Wanko, Voralberger Nachrichten

»An incredible book!« Lutz Göllner, Zitty

»Despite all the precise knowledge about violence, its triggers, its finesse and its fascination it is never a means unto itself in Andreas Pflüger’s trilogy but always ancillary to his sophisticated dramaturgy.« neue-buchtipps.de

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English world rights (Head of Zeus; US/Canada sublicense: Dover), Netherlands (Xander), Czech Republic (Euromedia)

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Domestic Rights Sales: German Audiobook (Random House Audio)