Felix Hartlaub

»Captured in one’s owen silhouette« - War Notebooks, Literary Fragments and Letters from 1939 to 1945

Edited by Gabriele Lieselotte Ewenz | Third, revised edition
(German title: »In den eigenen Umriss gebannt«)
ca. 1172 pages
Felix Hartlaub
Foto: Felix Hartlaub

Felix Hartlaub was born in 1913 in Bremen and died (missing) in 1945 in Berlin.

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Czech Republic (selection, Volox Globator)


Felix Hartlaub (1913-1945), a unique figure of German literature, belongs to the young generation who began writing towads the end of the Weimar Republic and under the dictatorship of National Socialism. His legacy consists mainly of the »War Notebooks«, which were created after the young historian was delegated to German-occupied Paris and later in various locations of the restricted area around the Führer Headquarters, Department for War Diaries. These fragments belong to the most precise, sensitive and densest messages in the German language that have reached us from the years of World War II. This edition, focused on the years between 1939 and 1945, presents works and letters in reliable text form accompanied by exhaustive explanatory annotation.