Juan Danilo

Ceviche. The Cookbook - Peruvian Magic

With numerous photographs by Patrick Nagtegaal
(German title: Ceviche. Das Kochbuch)
ca. 168 pages
Juan Danilo
Foto: Juan Danilo
© Manuel Krug

Juan Danilo was born in Lima, Peru, and has lived in Berlin for more than ten years. After training to be a chef, he worked in various restaurants. At present, he is working with multiple renowned international companies in order to develop new spices and hot new recipes. In addition, Juan Danilo was head chef of the Peruvian restaurant Nauta in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

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The culinary sensation from Peru

With a natural history of Peruvian superfoods

Incredible, easy-to-cook dishes

»I would happily eat Ceviche my whole life!« Mario Vargas Llosa


The legendary Peruvian dish ceviche – fish marinated in lime juice and salt – is currently becoming a major trend in international gastronomy. This is not surprising, as ceviche is a culinary sensation: a sophisticated and fresh dish with lots of possible variations – a true explosion of flavour and colour.

Ocean, rain forests, high mountain ranges: Peru is full of natural treasures – and it is the home of ceviche. The great diversity of indigenous species and impulses from immigrants from all over the world have created the country’s spectacular cuisine in which there’s still much to discover, among them the multifarious world of ceviche. Every harbour by the Pacific, every city in the Amazon region or in the Andes swears by its own recipe.

Ceviche is an exciting taste adventure – and moreover, it’s a light and healthy dish that only requires few ingredients. The German-Peruvian chef Juan Danilo knows all the secrets of Peruvian cooking and shares 50 recipes in this book: from the sophisticated ceviches of the Japanese-inspired Nikkei cuisine to his grandmother’s classics and his own, vegetarian and fruity-exotic creations.


»With his recipes oscillating somewhere between fresh, cool and damn hot he nails the taste of the season.« Kai Röger, Der Tagesspiegel

»[Juan Danilo] presents a seemingly endless wealth of magical variations: from traditional to innovative, with trout, tuna or shrimp – the sky’s the limit.« Carpe Gusta

»[Juan Danilo’s] innovative recipes make for tasty discoveries every time: Expertly conducted experiments with aromas, spices and tastes are his specialty.« essen & trinken

»Peru’s national dish ceviche is still a bestseller in Berlin’s restaurants. One of the people who made this fish gently stewed in lime juice so popular is Juan Danilo.« B.Z. Berlin

»Peru is the home of [ceviche] and is also captured in this beautiful book. Cooking should be magic.« Kurier, Wien

»Insel Verlag has created an appealing new cookbook genre with Ceviche: large-format and produced in high quality […]. The author accompanies the recipes with interesting facts about the country, the cuisine or biographical details. The creations appear sophisticated but exciting.« valentinas-kochbuch.de