Peter Bichsel

Children’s Stories

(German title: Kindergeschichten)
ca. 86 pages
Peter Bichsel
Foto: Peter Bichsel
© Isolde Ohlbaum

Born in 1935 in Lucerne, Peter Bichsel lives as a freelance author in Bellach. He has won numerous awards.

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Seven stories for children big and small, for readers who have not given up asking what life might be like if…


Seven stories in which strange old fogies, failing, preposterous rebels, descendants of the knights of the sad face dare to challenge the irreversibility of what already exists. Here is a man who knows, but does not believe, that the Earth is round; here is one who gives new names to things so that he will no longer be understood by the old ones.

Here is one who believes that there is no America; and here an inventor who invents things that already exist. Here is the man who knows the entire train schedule by heart, though he has never travelled anywhere, and who, when he learns that the people at the counter know just as much, begins to count all the stairs in the world so that he will know something no-one else does at all.

Other publications

Eigentlich möchte Frau Blum den Milchmann kennenlernen/Actually, Frau Blum Would Really Like to Meet the Milkman (1964)

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