Mark Terkessidis


(German title: Kollaboration)
ca. 332 pages
Mark Terkessidis

Mark Terkessidis

Mark Terkessidis (born 1966) is a publicist focusing on popular culture and migration. In 2006, he composed a much-discussed plea for more rationality in the integration debate together with Yasemin Karasoglu.

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A Theory of Collaboration


The recent protests have revealed the people’s dissatisfaction: politicians seems far removed from day-to-day life and are overwhelmed with major projects such as train stations or airports. The people, by contrast, are more opinionated than ever. After years of neoliberal speeches, they have become accustomed to personal responsibility: together they created Wikipedia, renovated class rooms or just founded schools themselves. And in that way, they became positive collaborators.

Following up on his observations in Interkultur, Mark Terkessidis sketches a new theory of collaboration that begins with the angry and searching individual. According to Terkessidis, a society of diversity can only work when many voices are being heard and different people work together.

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