Dietmar Dath

Collected Poems - Novel

(German title: Sämmtliche Gedichte)
ca. 283 pages
Dietmar Dath
Foto: Dietmar Dath
© Anita Schiffer-Fuchs
Born in 1970, Dietmar Dath lives in Freiburg and Berlin as a writer and translator.

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A writer seeks to prove that politics, science and art can only lead to something when they acknowledge the prized place that poetry holds. His opponent wants to prove that poetry does not exist at all. Dietmar Dath’s new novel is the story of the hunt for words that have the power to inspire sadness or happiness. And he does not come away empty handed.

The hero of this novel, Adam Sladek, is a successful writer, albeit for a very enigmatic work. A writing assignment leads him to explore the depths of Greek mythology and writing from late antiquity. By way of payment, his employer, who is a very wealthy philanthropist, promises him not only a large sum of money, but also to publish Sladek's entire body of poetry. His work conditions are excellent; Sladek is secluded in the lap of luxury while his studies are furnished with the best aesthetic fare in film, photography and books. He is taken aback by some of the things he finds. Is the young huntress he encounters a reincarnation of the infamous daring aviator Amelia Earhart (as she herself seems to believe) or an avatar of Artemis? His suspicion that something of an entirely different nature is at the root of his assignment grows. His employer wields power that puts Sladek's life in danger.

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