Thomas Kling

Collected Works in Four Volumes

(German title: Werke in vier Bänden)
ca. 2692 pages
Thomas Kling
Foto: Thomas Kling
© Ute Langanky

Thomas Kling, born in Bingen in 1957, lived in Düsseldorf, Vienna, Finland, Cologne and on the island of Hombroich, where today his literary estate is housed by the Thomas Kling Archive. He died on April 1, 2005.

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»Thomas Kling: poetic tightrope walker, poetic lunatic, generating catalogues of metaphoric images with a selftimer, he himself in front of all that in an artful-anarchic pose, as a magician of a literary articulation that points towards the coming century.« Friederike Mayröcker


Fifteen years after his early death, it is time to discover the entire œuvre of Thomas Kling. The provocatively-sensitive Thomas Kling of contemporary classics such as the volumes of poetry flavour enhancers and Long-distance Trading. The arbiter of traditions and fearless polemic Thomas Kling in the poetological self-placement Itinerar and in the seminal collection of essays Messenger Substances.

But also a Thomas Kling for whom the closeness to visual arts is an occasion for writing from the beginning, who writes film reviews for the daily press off the cuff, who penetrates landscapes from the Vinschgau to the Lower Rhine and deals with European literature from Petrarca to Inger Christensen in reviews with meticulous precision and enthusiasm. A work of breath-taking beauty and power of observation, inspired by a wild humour.

This edition of the works in four volumes joins the texts of all the books and bibliophilic editions on roughly 2,000 pages the great German poet, who died in 2005 aged 47, ever published, as well as widely unknown poems and essays written since 1977 and a selection of hitherto unpublished works recovered from the Thomas Kling Archive.


»The collected works edited by Marcel Beyer are a literary event of greatest importance, they are the climax of Kling’s canonisation for now and at the same time, one hopes, the beginning of a new phase of his reception.« Richard Kämmerlings, DIE WELT

»With this splendid edition of the collective works, at the very latest, it is certain: Kling is part of the canon.« Martin Oehlen, Frankfurter Rundschau

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