Erwin Seitz

Cooking in Accordance with Nature - Simple, Good, Healthy. Recipes and Nutritional Information

With colour Photographs by Jens Gyarmati
Erwin Seitz
Foto: Erwin Seitz
© Joachim Zimmermann

Erwin Seitz, born in 1958, trained as a butcher and chef. After that, he studied German Philology, Philosophy and Art History in Berlin and Oxford, UK. Seitz lives in Berlin, where he works as a journalist, author and food critic. He teaches Food Management at the University of Heilbronn.

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Healthy and uncomplicated recipes for everyday accompanied by wonderful Photographs

Newest insights of nutritional science

From breakfast and entrées to scrumptious desserts


Char on buckwheat risotto with »Bergkäse«; quail on beluga lentils with elderberry cream; saffron curry with mango and pistachio – Erwin Seitz combines fresh ingredients, light fonds, slightly acidic components and fruity notes into a European-Mediterranean style. These simple basic recipes invite you to create individual combinations depending on region and season and to prepare a delicious and healthy dish in 30 minutes. In the comprehensive section on nutritional information we learn everything we need to know about traditional types of grain, native freshwater fish, oils and vinegars, nuts and herbs – from the history of their cultivation to practical shopping tips.

Staying close to natural ingredients – and close to human nature: this is what cooking in accordance with nature means. Erwin Seitz, trained chef and food critic, uses seasonal ingredients and ensures variety by using lots of vegetables and fruit, some fish and meat. His recipes are uncomplicated and quickly prepared: because cooking healthily is simple!


»Erwin Seitz shares unpretentious recipes of only the best ingredients in this refreshingly diet-trend-free book.« ZEIT Magazin

»This is no description of the latest food trends, but a radically sensible and highly readable book about a rather obvious way of cooking and eating. Absolutely recommended.« markthalleneun.de

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