Durs Grünbein

Declared Night - Poems

(German title: Erklärte Nacht)
ca. 152 pages
Durs Grünbein
Foto: Durs Grünbein
© Tineke de Lange

Durs Grünbein, born 1962 in Dresden, lives in Berlin.

Awards (Selection):

Peter-Huchel-Prize (1995)
Georg-Büchner-Prize (1995)
Friedrich Nietzsche-Prize (2004)
Tomas-Tränströmer-Prize (2012)
Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award (2020)

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Italy (Einaudi), Hungary (Jelenkor)


Exploring the possibilities individuals have within the limits of their life-times and the confines of the big city as their living space – these have long since been themes that Grünbein addresses.

»Why are you here? gets up every morning with you. «

His new poems, that are ordered under the chapter headings Poems out of time, New Histories and Treatise on Passing Time, he takes up these themes and slowly develops them into long poems and cycles.


»A poet who is frequently described as the best to emerge in Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall.« The New York Review of Books

Other publications

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Italy (selection; Einaudi)

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English world rights (Upper West Side Philosophers), Sweden (Ersatz)

Porzellan/Porcelain (2005)

Rights available

Vom Schnee oder Descartes in Deutschland/On Snow or Descartes in Germany (2003)

Sold to:

Italy (Einaudi), Sweden (Ersatz), Greece (Keedros)

Das erste Jahr/The First Year (2001)

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Italy (Einaudi)

Nach den Satiren/After the Satires (1999)

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France (Petits Matins), Czech Republic (Opus), previously published in the respective language / territory; rights available again: Hungary (Jelenkor)