Ilke S. Prick

Done With Forget-Me-Nots - Novel

(German title: Vergissmeinnicht war gestern)
ca. 250 pages
Ilke S. Prick
Foto: Ilke S. Prick
© Martina Machel

Ilke S. Prick studied psychology. Today, she is a freelance author, writes columns for the taz, has published numerous books and runs the successful blog »Nachrichten vom Küchentisch« (»News from the Kitchen Table«).

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A happy relationship, a steady job, a comfy couch… Everything seems to be perfect in Marieke’s life – until she finds herself alone with seventeen moving boxes in a strange apartment on New Year’s Eve.

Back to square one? This isn’t how Marieke imagined this to go. Her sister, a couples’ therapist, is in favour of reparing the relationship, while her best friend urges her to start fresh. Marieke, though, doesn’t really know what she wants. While trying to figure it out, she receives support from her new neighbours: Susann, the seamstress, her friend Nada, who transforms the backyard into a sea of blossoming flowers, and the elderly Mrs Schröder, who always bets on love. While zucchini are flooding the house, cornflowers are forming small islands in the concrete jungle and a nameless dog is winning over her heart, Marieke is beginning to put down roots. And the more her life blossoms and becomes so much more colourful, the more her ex begins to find her interesting again. But it’s not just him…