Oswald Egger

Either I Only Dreamt the Journey Along the Mississippi Or I’m Dreaming Now

Oswald Egger
Foto: Oswald Egger
© Susanne Schleyer

Born in 1963 in Lana/South Tyrol, Egger lives in Vienna as a poet.

He has been awarded several literary prizes, amongst them the Peter-Huchel-Prize in 2007.

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Does everything flow? Like a progressively osculating billowing jumble in the form of words and forms without words, swirlings, dispersions and clusters of waves of reveries breaking in on themselves, flowing past the riverbanks of an internal landscape.

As though they were relational lines in the »stream of consciousness«, lines that touch, liaise, intersect, overlap only to lose one another again – like the lines on the palm of the hand. Completely innocuous causes that lead to effect and flow, are continued in the garish, crude movement of the word-images, the accumulation of thoughts, the allusions and unsteadiness of abruptly changing aspects.

In his new book, furnished lavishly with many drawings and paintings, Oswald Egger traces the memory, albeit one he does not remember himself, of the experience of Austrian emigrants to the USA in the years between 1880 to 1919, follows the whispered and internal connections of voices, the entangled threads of the stories through mines and forest to the large bodies of water: When the sentences, words and things appear as a multitude of small islands in the flowing fabric of impressions and emotions, the Mississippi becomes the mainstream of the secret history of ideas that are in a state of flux in between the worlds.

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