Robert Menasse

Expulsion from Hell - Novel

(German title: Die Vertreibung aus der Hölle)
ca. 500 pages
Robert Menasse
Foto: Robert Menasse
© Rafaela Proell

Robert Menasse was born in 1954 in Vienna, where he also grew up. He studied German, Philosophy and Political Science in Vienna, Salzburg and Messina, and received his doctorate in 1980 with a thesis on the character of the outsider in literature. Menasse then spent six years at the University of São Paulo, first as a lecturer for Austrian literature, then as a guest lecturer at the Institute for Literary Theory. There he held lectures on philosophical and aesthetic theories, including on Hegel, Lukács, Benjamin and Adorno. Since his return from Brazil in 1988, Robert Menasse has been a writer and essayist based mainly in Vienna.

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During a school reunion, 25 years after graduating from highschool, Viktor confronts his former fellow pupils with their teachers’ Nazi past. The result is real row, and the reunion evening becomes an adventure trip back in time.

Born 1955 in Vienna, Viktor Abravanel comes from a family of Nazi victims. He became a historian; at a Spinoza congress, he is scheduled to give a talk entitled »Who was Spinoza’s teacher?«.

Baruch Spinoza’s teacher was rabbi Samuel Manasseh ben Israel. Born 1604 in Lisbon, the rabbi fled with his parents to Amsterdam as a child to escape the Inquisition. A reconstruction of the rabbi’s biography and Viktor’s reminiscences reveal amazing similarities.

Robert Menasse has written a great historical novel that moves nimbly between the different epochs. The fates of two Jews divided by four centuries – a novel about history as repetition and deceit.

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Don Juan de La Mancha oder Die Erziehung der Lust/Don Juan de la Mancha or an Education in Pleasure (2007)

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