Dietmar Dath

Feldeváye - A Novel of the Final Arts

(German title: Feldeváye)
ca. 800 pages
Dietmar Dath
Foto: Dietmar Dath
© Anita Schiffer-Fuchs
Born in 1970, Dietmar Dath lives in Freiburg and Berlin as a writer and translator.

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Dietmar Dath’s new magnum opus: A sci-fi novel about the world-changing power of art

A fantastic thought experiment at the limits of reality and possibility.


For centuries there has been no art.
It has been relegated to the past – made obsolete by technologies of possibility that people could not imagine when they still lived on Earth. Now they have settled many worlds and encountered many intelligent life forms.

But on the remote planet of Feldeváye art comes back – in the form of a gift from an alien species. A young girl, Kathrin Ristau, asks some big questions: What was art? Why is it coming back? What happens to us when we rediscover it?

The novel tells the story of a woman who grows old but must continue to seek personal and political answers to the questions posed by art because none of the things she has experienced, from the love of her life to her path to fame to the horrors of war and civil unrest, can escape the life changing questions of art.

»Feldeváye is not a world. Not yet. It still has to be made into one. That’s exactly what we could do. Together.«


»Germany’s most prolific and radical author« Die Welt


Dietmar Dath reads from his novel Feldeváye:

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