Markus Metz, Georg Seeßlen

Freedom and Control - The Story of the still-captive Slave

(German title: Freiheit und Kontrolle)
ca. 461 pages
Markus Metz

Markus Metz

Markus Metz, born 1958 in Oberstdorf, studied journalism, politics and theater science at the Freie Universität Berlin. He lives as freelance journalist and author in Munich.

Georg Seeßlen

Georg Seeßlen

Georg Seeßlen, born in Munich in 1948, studied painting at the Kunsthochschule Munich. He lives as freelance journalist and author in Kaufbeuren.

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One of the defining experiences of the present is that the eternal dichotomy of freedom and control continues to unfold with new sharpness: the individual and society are confronted with an unprecedented variety of ways of being free. On the other hand, technical possibilities and the widely felt need for ever-increasing control are escalating - whether over one's own body, the borders or the whole world.

In the latest debates about digital surveillance and self-tracking, big data, and bureaucracy, Markus Metz and Georg Seeßlen consider the extent to which the now stark contradictions between freedom and control are ultimately indissoluble and where they are merely ideology.