Felix Hartlaub

From Hitler’s Berlin - 1934 to 1938

With drawings by the author. Edited and with an afterword by Nikola Herweg and Harald Tausch
(German title: Aus Hitlers Berlin)
ca. 129 pages
Felix Hartlaub
Foto: Felix Hartlaub

Felix Hartlaub was born in 1913 in Bremen and died (missing) in 1945 in Berlin.

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Not only in his War Notebooks from Paris did Felix Hartlaub laconically detail the deformations of life that National Socialism brought in its wake. Already as a student in »Hitler’s Berlin« between the years of 1934 and 1938 he had refined his talent for revealing inconspicuous scenes of daily life, for showing how nothing at all was any longer how it had been.

His literary sketches, originally conceived of only for his desk drawer, condense the seen into a melancholy description of the new rules that had reshaped and straitjacketed life in the capital. In a less melancholy and much more caustic way, however, Hartlaub attacked his surroundings with his drawing pencil: those drawings – intended for his friends and family – slightly exaggerate all that bothered him.

Literary scholars Nikola Herweg and Harald Tausch have edited Hartlaub’s texts and drawings from the German Literary Archive in Marbach.