Boris von Brauchitsch

Gabriele Münter - A Biography

With numerous images
(German title: Gabriele Münter)
ca. 172 pages
Boris von Brauchitsch

Boris von Brauchitsch

Boris von Brauchitsch, born in Aachen in 1963, studied art history in Frankfurt, Bonn an Berlin and wrote his PhD thesis on the history of photography. In his succinct biographies on prominent artists such as Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Gabriele Münter and others he focuses on the history of photography and of classical modernity. He works as a curator, author and photographer and lives in Berlin.

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Gabriele Münter, daughter of German-American emigrants and partner of Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, travelled to Tunis and Italy, lived in Paris and Stockholm and is an early and prominent example of an independent and cosmopolitan female artist. She hosted the group of artists known as Der Blaue Reiter in her house in Murnau, pursued her very own artistic path into expressionism against all pushback from the art market and found herself celebrated, forgotten and rediscovered.

Compactly and nuanced at the same time Boris von Brauchitsch describes the societal framework for a female artist’s career around 1900, Münter's creative self-assertion at Kandinsky's side, the intrigues of her artist colleagues, the emotional highs and lows as well as the loneliness which she continuously countered with paintings that express vitality and melancholy in equal measure.


»Boris von Brauchitsch has written a biography that captures an entire era without many words.« art, Das Kunstmagazin

»Boris von Brauchitsch presents a well-informed introduction to the life and work of Gabriele Münter from which a readership interested in art history can profit.« Rolf Löchel, literaturkritik.de