Jonathan Swift

Gulliver’s Travels - Adapted by Doron Rabinovici

With illustrations by Flix

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On the occasion of Jonathan Swift’s 350th birthday on the 30th November 2017


It is just under three hundred years ago that the gentle reader first heard of the adventurous travels of the surgeon and ship’s captain Lemuel Gulliver. With amazement, the reader learned of the thumb-high inhabitants of Lilliput’s craving for admiration, of the immoral hustle and bustle of the coarse giants of Brobdingnag and of the land of the noble Houyhnhnms and their greedy and mean servants, the shockingly familiar Yahoos.

Doron Rabinovici has selected the best parts of Jonathan Swift’s famous novel and adapted it. The volume congenially illustrated by Flix proves that to this day Swift’s political satire on high-handed acts and faith in reason has not lost any of its actuality.