Ellen Dunne

Hard Landing - A Case For Patsy Logan

Crime Novel
(German title: Harte Landung)
ca. 442 pages
Ellen Dunne
Foto: Ellen Dunne
© Pascalle Rijper-Meijer

Ellen Dunne, born in 1977, worked as a text editor in an advertising agency and then held various positions with Google in its European headquarters in Dublin. She has published two crime novels. Hard Landing is the first of a new crime series being published by insel taschenbuch.

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The higher you climb, the further you fall


Patsy Logan, 38, German-Irish commissioner with the State Office of Criminal Investigations in Munich, is investigating in a renowned online company. The case quickly attracts attention, media and internal pressure is huge. And Patsy’s private life also becomes increasingly troubled…

Carolin Höller, top manager with the successful online exchange platform Skiller, has it all: model career, model marriage and model children - until she is found dead below her office window. It quickly becomes clear: She didn’t jump of her own accord. Patsy delves deeper and deeper into Carolin’s life and the structures of Skiller, encounters a web of lies and empty facades. Especially when she is sent to Skiller’s headquarters in Dublin, a place she has been avoiding since her father’s suicide. Not a good omen. And immediately things start happening very fast …

Hard Landing is the first of a new crime series based around Commissioner Patsy Logan. Quick-witted and stubborn, the ‘woman of the hour’ delivers results – with good sense, dry humour and an instinct that unnerves no one more than herself.


»An immensely exciting thriller with interesting protagonists and a very cunningly written cliffhanger at the end - I would have liked to go on reading right away. On the upside: 'Hard Landing' is the beginning of a new series.« Radio Bremen