Sigrid Damm

Hiking – A Quiet Rush

(German title: Wandern – ein stiller Rausch)
ca. 160 pages
Sigrid Damm
Foto: Sigrid Damm
© Ute Karen Seggelke

Sigrid Damm was born in Gotha/Thüringen and lives as a writer in Berlin and Mecklenburg. A member of P.E.N. and the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz, she has received numerous recognitions and awards for her works and is the author of the bestseller, Christiane and Goethe: A History (Christiane und Goethe. Eine Recherche).

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A sixty-year-old woman and a thirty-year-old man are hiking in the solitude of the far north for seven days, in the archaic landscape of Swedish Lapland, the home of the Sami people, the last indigenous people in Europe.

At night, dreams open otherworldly doors, during the day, the rhythm of the steps sets their memory in motion. Peace and war, birth and death, horizon lines, fire, grass, water are the subjects of this book.

Hiking – A Quiet Rush, a fabric of metaphors, stories and dreams, is a meditation about the current state of the world under threat. It’s a book that deals with parting and beginning, a book of slowness, a book of silence, a book about taking possession of life through walking.


»An homage to a grandiose landscape […], a book about hiking, artistry and (albeit mostly intellectual) adventure. A book of dreams. A dream of a book.« Elmar Krekeler, DIE WELT

»We owe the fact that we can discover [Damm] so vividly to virtuosic stylistics. The landscape is set ablaze with linguistic finesse and elegance.« Björn Hayer, Berliner Zeitung

»... a special kind of book on hiking.« WDR

Other publications

Christiane und Goethe/Christiane and Goethe (1998)

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