Hanno Rauterberg

How Free is Art? - The New Cultural Clash and the Crisis of Liberalism

(German title: Wie frei ist die Kunst?)
ca. 100 pages
Hanno Rauterberg

Hanno Rauterberg

Hanno Rauterberg, born in 1967, holds a PhD in Art History and writes regularly about architecture and urban development for Die Zeit’s feuilleton.

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On the new cultural clash around art


Paintings are taken down from the walls, sculptures destroyed, film heroes erased: a mighty cultural conflict is spreading through museums, cinemas and theatres. Does it threaten the end of artistic freedom, as some believe? Is that censorship from below? Or is it about time, as others believe, that the culture world follows the Me Too movement and demands more parity?

Hanno Rauterberg reveals what is hidden behind the debate on morality and aesthetics: What is so threatening about images? Is political correctness endangering the autonomy of the artist? And why is this quarrel on such issues taking place at this moment in history? An essay on the most important art debate of the last years , which has shown to be revealing of the crisis of liberalism and the new taboos of a changing society.


» ... clever and, as always, exceptionally researched.« kulturbuchtipps.de

» In this short essay we can read the well-condensed signs of the times.« AISTHESIS

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