Julia Leeb

Humaneness in Times of Fear - Reportages on the War Zones and Revolutions of Our World

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Julia Leeb
Foto: Julia Leeb
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Julia Leeb, born in Munich, works as a photojournalist and filmmaker with a focus on virtual reality. She frequently travels to war zones and crisis areas such as the Congo, Syria, Libya and South Sudan.

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Reportages from the most dangerous countries in the world

»Capturing the change within the world in images is my profession. A country in which I worked for the first time a decade ago consists only of fragments today. Another country has completely collapsed by now. Another didn’t even exist at the time I started working. And one country never existed at all – at least not officially. In all those places, deeply hidden in the blind spot of our world, I met impressive women who have never heard about each other and still have something in common.«


Photojournalist Julia Leeb reports from the most dangerous places on the planet. She experiences up close how people behave in extreme situations, be it during the battles of the Nubians in the Sudan, among warlords in the Congo, during the war in Libya, the revolution in Egypt or under the isolated dictatorship of North Korea.

Pursuing her work, she finds herself in mortal danger: When she gets too close to the truth with her research, there are people who plan to murder her in cold blood. Another time she is kidnapped to silence her as a witness. However, in her reportages on the forgotten people in our world she keeps describing encounters full of beauty and hope. It is mainly women who lead the way from violence and suppression towards peace and true humaneness with their courage and their confidence.


»All the things she has experienced could well and truly fill a few lives.« Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Leeb shows: It is mainly women who provide a reason to hope even in the worst crises.« DIE ZEIT

»… impressive photos, in between surreal seeming landscapes and marked faces, between the martial and the peaceful, murderers and the masses.« der Freitag

»What Julia Leeb experiences on the travels for her reportages is often as brutal as it is real. Now she has written an impressive book about it.« Tobias Render, Bild am Sonntag