Lambert Wiesing

I for Myself - Phenomenology of Self- Confidence

(German title: Ich für mich)
ca. 250 pages
Lambert Wiesing
Foto: Lambert Wiesing
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Lambert Wiesing, born in 1963, is Professor of Philosophy, Image Theory and Phenomenology at the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena. His areas of specialisation are phenomenology, cognitive and image theory, and aesthetics. From 2005 to 2008 Wiesing was president of the German Society for Aesthetics. In 2015, he was awarded the Aby Warburg Foundation Prize, in 2018 the Research Prize of the State of Thuringia.

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A phenomenology of self-confidence is not concerned with an explanation as to how and by virtue of which conditions selfconfidence is possible. For Lambert Wiesing, its point of departure is rather the reality of the phenomenon itself: How do I have to conceive of myself as a self-confident being in the world?

In short: How am I for myself? The answer: I have to exist in the world in my own style – in a style that necessarily plays out between the extremes of a picturesque Being-connected-with-the-world and a linear Being-distanced-from-the-world.


»[…] it is exciting to see how those insights [about self-confidence] were developed within phenomenology.« Thorsten Jantschek, Philosophie Magazin

»This radical rethinking of the philosophy of perception fascinates by casting old issues in a new light and giving prominence to topics – such as the perception of images – that orthodox thinking is condemned to treat as marginal. The book is bold, original, full of challenging ideas and makes a powerful case for changing our approach to this central philosophical problem.« Robert Hopkins, Professor of Philosophy, New York University on Das Mich der Wahrnehmung

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