Nils Binnberg

I Have Had Enough! - How Nutrition Gurus are Making Us Sick

(German title: Ich habe es satt!)
ca. 200 pages
Nils Binnberg
Foto: Nils Binnberg
© René Fietzek

Nils Binnberg, born in 1976, studied Theatre, Film and Television Studies, English Philology and Ethnology in Cologne. He has worked as a journalist for major German newspapers and is currently an author of radio features.

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Why healthy food can make you sick

The first personal account of this new disease of modern society, orthorexia nervosa, which already affects more than one million people in Germany.

A plethora of new facts and analysis about one of the most charged themes of our time: the – allegedly – correct food to eat.


»I suffer from orthorexia nervosa. It is a concept I only became familiar with recently and it describes an obsession with eating healthily. That sounds good, you might say? But it is not. I slavishly follow each new health edict. By turning my back on everyday foods, I have started to feel as if I am slowly killing myself. Incidentally, I am only one of millions affected in Germany. At lunchtime we are fine talking freely about S & M sex à la Fifty Shades of Grey. But if a breadbasket is passed around, we become suddenly tense.

When did our permanent being-on-a-diet actually begin? What is it we are trying to control? Is it purely about a desire for eternal youth and divine beauty? Or is it an ersatz religion we are seeking, because there is nothing to believe in anymore? While looking for answers to these questions, I may as well start with myself. Because my life, I must confess, is coming unglued …«


»[Nils Binnberg] describes the downright religious character of various dietary trends in an easy-going and entertaining manner« e&m Ernährung & Medizin