Hans Traxler

Ignaz, the Fawn Great Dane and the Hellhounds

With colour illustrations
Hans Traxler
Foto: Hans Traxler
© Jürgen Bauer

Hans Traxler, born in Herrlich, a village in northern Bohemia, in 1929, is a painter, illustrator and author. He was awarded numerous prizes for his oeuvre, among them the Wilhelm- Busch-Prize in 2015 and most recently the Sondermann-Prize 2017.

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Hans Traxler writes about dogs who had a lasting impact on his life.

There is Ignaz, his grandfather’s much-loved mixed-breed dog whose hunting instinct was his undoing; the emaciated fawn Great Dane who appeared out of nowhere shortly after the war and almost caused young Hans to have a near-death experience and then there are the hellhounds, who moved in next to his house in the Taunus forest one day, turn the idyll into a nightmare only to disappear again mysteriously.

Three stories about dogs – gripping, hilarious and sometimes spooky. Illustrated with many colour images in Traxler’s unmistakable style.


»The third story proves to be a wonderful miniature about human coexistence.« Cornelia Geißler, Berliner Zeitung