Fattaneh Haj Seyed Javadi

In the Lonesomeness of Sleep

Original Persian title: Dar chalvat-e chab
Fattaneh Haj Seyed Javadi
Foto: Fattaneh Haj Seyed Javadi

About the author
Fattaneh Haj Seyed Javadi, born1945 in Shiraz, lives in Isfahan.
After the publication of her novel, which has been very successful in the German version, Der Morgen der Trunkenheit (1995, Insel 2000), her second book In der Abgeschiedenheit des Schlafes / In the lonesomeness of sleep (2002) has become as well a bestseller in Iran.

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Fattaneh Haj Seyed Javadi´s debut novel Der Morgen der Trunkenheit published in the Mid-Nineties turned into a bestseller success in Iran. The novel is situated in the Thirties' capital Teheran and tells the tragic love story of the aristocrat Mahbube - who marries below her social standing and becomes deeply miserable. 

With her second publication In der Abgeschiedenheit des Schlafs - a collection of short stories - the nearly sixty year old writer has finally reached Iran´s most recent present. Fattaneh Haj Seyed Javadi here serves us a tale of the wretchedness of her protagonists within the background of Islamic Revolution, Iran-Irak-war and Exile - and unfolds her perspective on a profoundly disintegrated, rootless society.

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Der Morgen der Trunkenheit/The Hangover in the Morning (2000)

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