Ole Nymoen, Wolfgang M. Schmitt

Influencers - The Ideology of Advertising Bodies

(German title: Influencer)
ca. 192 pages
Ole Nymoen
Foto: Ole Nymoen
© Eileen Dibowski

Ole Nymoen studies Sociology and Economics in Jena and works as a freelance journalist. In their podcast »Wohlstand für Alle« (»Wealth for Everyone«), he and Wolfgang M. Schmitt talk about money, the history of economic ideas and political economics.

Wolfgang M. Schmitt
Foto: Wolfgang M. Schmitt
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Wolfgang M. Schmitt has been running »Die Filmanalyse« (»The Movie Analysis«) on YouTube since 2011. In their podcast »Wohlstand für Alle« (»Wealth for Everyone«), he and Ole Nymoen talk about money, the history of economic ideas and political economics.


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Bestseller in SPIEGEL, Focus, Stern and Börsenblatt

»The influencer is the most important social figure of the digital age.«


People over thirty often don’t even know their names, but to younger generations they are superstars: influencers. Young adults and even children film themselves doing makeup, travelling or exercising and share their tips with their fans via social media. Along the way, they skilfully place product cues and that’s how they make a living – or even a fortune.

For Ole Nymoen and Wolfgang M. Schmitt influencers are the symptomatic social figures of our times. Dreams of success seem to come true in a society of decline, late capitalism glams up with filters and photoshop, while Instagrammers and YouTubers complement the business model of the commercial internet with a revolutionary way of advertising. But according to Nyomen and Schmitt, influencers impact on the zeitgeist in another regard in spite of all their purported modernness: By propagating reactionary role models, consumerism and rigid body ideals, they are aiding and abetting a conservative backlash.


»Nymoen and Schmitt skilfully show how this enormous money-making machine works and the absurdities and dangers it creates.« Oliver Weber, DIE ZEIT

»It is high time for an analysis of this trend to be published. Ole Nymoen and Wolfgang M. Schmitt provide us with one. Their book […] offers an examination of a strangely iridescent phenomenon that is as entertaining as it is rich in facts.« Thomas Ribi, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

»Nymoen and Schmitt’s book is as meritorious as it is depressing. Meritorious because analysts of society rarely bother with such – in individual cases – seemingly unimportant matters; depressing because it is only through their description that one is made aware of how counter-progressive the things are that influencers normalise.« Peter Praschl, DIE WELT

»Ole Nymoen and Wolfgang M. Schmitt written a trenchant, an astutely arguing as well as a sad book, a book that makes us see a different side of the seemingly perfect world of influencers – an unvarnished side.« Sebastian Friedrich, NDR

»Smart, critical and often downright funny.« Max Knierimen, SWR