Gabriele Klein, Malte Friedrich

Is this real? - The Culture of Hip Hop

(German title: Is this real?)
ca. 240 pages
Gabriele Klein

Gabriele Klein

Gabriele Klein is Professor of Sociology at the University of Hamburg.

Malte Friedrich

Malte Friedrich

Malte Friedrich was a research assistant at Hamburg University and currently works as a cultural sociologist and journalist in Berlin.

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Hip Hop has been the most successful and most consequential popular culture that the global culture-industry has produced.

Is this real? is not about the works but rather the cultural practise of Hip Hop, centering on its lifestyle and »awareness of life« (Lebensgefühl). This book introduces Hip Hop as a hybrid culture which seeks to lodge itself in between media and authenticity, globalism and localism, image and truth, theatre and reality, rituals and profanity.

The construction of reality is a current hot topic debated by media, cultural and social scientists. The question Is this real? is so compelling because Hip Hop is a theatrical cultural practise and hence constructs its own reality.
For that reason Is this real? not only offers a new perspective on the culture of Hip Hop but also on popular culture itself and, at the same time, sheds light on key current issues of cultural theory. This book has therefore become an essential source in helping to understand popular and everyday culture in globalised societies.