Rainald Goetz

Jeff Koons - Play

(German title: Jeff Koons)
ca. 159 pages
Rainald Goetz
Foto: Rainald Goetz

Rainald Goetz, born May 24th, 1954 in Munich, studied History and Medicine in Munich and obtained a doctoral degree in both subjects. He briefly worked as a physician, but quit this profession for the sake of literature in his early thirties. His first novel, Mad, a story set in a psychiatric hospital, was published in 1983. Goetz subsequently also succeeded as a playwright. In 1998, Goetz was writing the internet diary »Rubbish for Everyone«, probably the first literary blog in Germany, with entries on the world of media and consumerism. It was published in book form in 1999 and together with Rave, Jeff Koons, Celebration and Deconspiracy belongs to Today Tomorrow, Goetz’s great history of the present. From 2007 until 2008, he wrote the blog »Lament« on the website of »Vanity Fair«; the blog was released in book form as early as 2008 and introduced the project »Ravine«, an analysis of the 2000s. This project includes works such as babbling, a volume of photographs entitled september eleventh 2010 and finally his latest novel Johann Holtrop, that describes the rise and fall of a manager. Rainald Goetz was awarded numerous prizes, most notably the Büchner-Prize in 2015. He lives in Berlin. (source: www.deutscheakademie.de)

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»So we’re not coming in / I’m coming in / Really? / Of course, come.«


Jeff Koons is the second volume of Heute Morgen (This Morning), a five-volume contemporary history that appeared between 1998 and 2000 and also includes Rave, Celebration, Abfall für alle (Trash for Everyone), and Dekonspiratione (Unmasking).

Jeff Koons is a play about art.

»Art / a weekend of art/ the bar / and the studio / the gallery and the slouchers / The slouchers from the Görlitzer Station / march onward / a play / in seven acts / packaged nice and neat.«

»You have said / it is about love / you have said / it is about art / it is about talk / images, melodies / it is about conflict / about coherence / it is about people / who say something / want something, do something / normal / it is about creation and gestures / about things, facts / and ideas / it is about the everyday / truth and banality / it is not especially about actions / not much will be decided here / not much will be shouted out / it is about heartache and melancholy… it is about a moment / that ALSO exists / in people’s lives, briefly / at least sometimes / it exists / it is about / foolish as it may sound / harmony / that is not true at all / stop, wait, lies, wrong / it’s the opposite / it is about the Never of harmony.«

Other publications

Johann Holtrop. Abriss der Gesellschaft. Roman/Johann Holtrop (2012)

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Rave/Rave (1998)

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Irre/Mad (1983)

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