Stefan Müller-Doohm

Jürgen Habermas - A Biographie

(German title: Jürgen Habermas)
ca. 600 pages
Stefan Müller-Doohm

Stefan Müller-Doohm

About the author:
Stefan Müller-Doohm is professor for social sciences at the university of Oldenburg.

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The long anticipated first extensive biography of Germany‘s most influential intellectual. To be published for his 85th birthday. By the author of the renowned Adorno biography.

»It is the capacity for enthusiasm and irritation that makes scholars into intellectuals.«
Jürgen Habermas

»Jürgen Habermas,« wrote the American philosopher Ronald Dworkin on the occasion of the great European thinker’s eightieth birthday, »is not only the world’s most famous living philosopher. Even his fame is famous.« Now, after many years of study, intensive research and in-depth conversations with contemporaries, colleagues and with Habermas himself, Stefan Müller-Doohm presents the first comprehensive biography of the most important public intellectual of our time. In it, he illuminates Habermas’s combination of philosophical reflection and intellectual intervention, and the interdependency of his life and work, against the background of historical events.

What emerges is the image of a unique thinker, among whose most important philosophical accomplishments is his theory of communicative action, but who, when he perceives that society is not living up to its potential for creating free and just conditions for living, becomes a rigorous and persistent critic.


Table of Contents:

Preface Prologue: Der Andere unter Seinesgleichen
Part One: Catastrophe and Emancipation
Part Two: Politics and Critique
Part Three: Scholarship and Engagement
Part Four: Cosmopolitan Society and Justice

Back-matter: Notes, timeline, genealogy, bibliography, lectures and seminars by Habermas, list of archives, image credits, acknowledgements, index

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