Gabriele Diechler

Lavender Dreams - Novel

(German title: Lavendelträume)
ca. 380 pages
Gabriele Diechler
Foto: Gabriele Diechler

Gabriele Diechler, born in Cologne, lives and works in the Salzkammergut, Austria. After many years of working as a screenwriter and dramaturge, she now mainly writes novels and YA-fiction.

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A gripping novel about the power of fate, the force of love, and the courage to start anew.


A picturesque village in the Provence, not far from Grasse, the world capital of perfume. But Julia isn’t here to enjoy the beauty of the landscape: her life is falling apart, and she has come here in search of the truth …

After her mother dies in a tragic accident, Julia discovers a secret locker that holds a parcel with her mother’s favourite perfume and a love letter next to it. The sender: a perfumer in the Provence. What does this mean? Was her mother leading a double life? On the spur of the moment, Julia sets out on a journey to the South of France. At the sender’s address she meets the son of the by now also deceased perfumer. In Nicolas she finds a sympathetic friend who gives her confidence – and love. But then they discover an incredible family secret …


»A magical summer read.« Cornelia Hoppe, news - Das Magazin

»An at times almost unbelievable but magical story about love, perfume and a great family secret, grippingly interwoven with surprising revelations. Entertaining.« Magazin Märkische LebensArt

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