Tobias Rapp

Lost and Sound - Berlin, Techno and the Easyjetset

(German title: Lost and Sound)
ca. 268 pages
Tobias Rapp

Tobias Rapp

Tobias Rapp is a DJ and journalist working for Der Spiegel.

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English world rights (Innervision), Russia (White Label), Japan (Kokusho Kankokai), Poland (Kultural Kolektiv), Serbia (Alexandria Press)


Techno is dead, at least officially. In reality, beyond social utopias and Love Parade electronic music and the night-time sub-culture of going out were never more creative or interesting than today. And never so concentrated in a single place: Every weekend young people from all over Europe populate a few kilometers on the banks of the River Spree in Berlin.

They travel there on cheap carriers and fairly often they stay until after days the last after-hours session just about merges into the next weekend...

Tobias Rapp, music editor of the taz newspaper and an intimate connoisseur of the scene sketches a portrait of the most fascinating, excessive and in secret the most influential capital city culture and its protagonists: dancers and DJs, music producers and city planners.


»An extraordinary and entertaining portrait of Berlin’s nightlife […] a lucky chance.« Süddeutsche Zeitung