Alexander Fischer

Manipulation - On The Theory And Ethics Of A Form Of Influence

(German title: Manipulation)
ca. 250 pages
Alexander Fischer
Foto: Alexander Fischer
© Wolfgang Möller

Alexander Fischer is a research fellow at the Chair for Practical Philosophy at the Otto Friedrich University Bamberg. He was a visiting scholar at Duke University and at Cambridge University.

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In his extremely clearly written book, Alexander Fischer applies himself to a fascinating phenomenon, whose everyday significance can barely be overestimated: Manipulation. He first deals with the subject conceptually, and then embeds it in an action-theoretically way and finally examines its specific psychological manifestations. Fischer closes with the outline of an ethic of manipulation, which teaches a new perspective by means of a critical examination of the paradigmic trio of rationality, freedom and dignity.


»Sprinkled with many examples taken mostly from literature, the book offers a clear, understandable taxonomy of various types of manipulation and their respective justifications…« Deutschlandfunk Kultur