Gottfried August Bürger

Munchausen - Singular Travels, Campaigns, Voyages, and Sporting Adventures of Baron Munchausen - as he relates them over a Bottle when surrounded by his Friends

Edited and with an afterword by Matthias Reiner | Illustrated by Stefanie Harjes
(German title: Münchhausen)
ca. 120 pages
Gottfried August Bürger

Gottfried August Bürger

Gottfried August Bürger (1747 – 1794) was a German poet.

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Text by Gottfried August Bürger in the public domain, illustration rights available


Baron Münchhausen is a historical figure – he might not have written down his incredible adventures, »singular travels, campaigns and voyages« himself, but they became a bestseller shortly after their publication both in Germany and England, were soon translated into many other languages and eventually served as the basis for numerous films. For this special Insel-Bücherei edition of Munchausen’s stories, multi-award-winning illustrator Stefanie Harjes has furnished the best stories by the »Baron of Lies« with her unique illustrations.

»Sometimes I believe myself to be lying, and lo and behold! That’s when I encounter – the truth.« Friedrich Nietzsche