Rainer Forst

Normativity and Power - Toward an analysis of the social rules of justification

(German title: Normativität und Macht)
ca. 300 pages
Rainer Forst
Foto: Rainer Forst
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Rainer Forst is professor for Political Theory and Philosophy at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main.

Rainer Forst has developed a theory of radical justice, human rights and democracy as well as of power and criticism itself.

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An analysis of the social rules of justification

People are justificatory beings; they orient themselves according to reasons. The rules and institutions with which they comply are based on historically formed justification-narratives and together create a tension-filled and dynamic normative order. Moving beyond the traditional dichotomies of “idealistic” and “realistic” theories, Rainer Forst shows how closely the concepts of normativity and power are connected: power is based on the ability to influence, determine, and eventually finalize the justificatory space of others. A critical theory of justification must therefore question the reasons behind power relationships and, from there, consider more just rules of behavior.

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