Ursula Heinzelmann

On Cheese-Making - Tradition, Craft and Pleasure

(German title: Vom Käsemachen)
ca. 200 pages
Ursula Heinzelmann
Foto: Ursula Heinzelmann
© Manuel Krug

Ursula Heinzelmann is a trained chef, sommelière, successful gastronome, journalist and writer with a special focus on culinary and wine-related subjects. She co-edited the Oxford Companion to Cheese, is a member of the Guild of Cheesemakers and co-organiser of several culinary festivals.

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A journey round the world to local producers

A homage to an ancient craft

On people, animals and landscapes


Where does good cheese come from? Ursula Heinzelmann, Germany’s best-known cheese expert, undertakes a journey around the world. She travels from Brandenburg County to the Allgäu region, over the Alps to Italy and further to Anatolia, Ireland, Norway, California and Vietnam. She makes her way to those people who pursue the old art of cheese-making. In Anatolia she learns about cheese production according to the Nomadic method that in over a thousand of years has barely changed. In Marin County, north of San Francisco, she encounters the legendary “Cowgirls” who have started a cheese revolution at their creamery. In Ireland she meets a Heidegger expert who is also one of the country’s best cheese-makers.

It is not only people who are involved in cheese-making, but also animals and the landscapes in which they live. Does the goat in the pen produce different milk from that of her sister who is on the move with the herd all summer? Is it possible to taste landscape? Ursula Heinzelmann explores this and much more in her informative, entertaining stories.


»a great temptation« Barbara Schäfer, Der Tagesspiegel

»Not least when she talks about creases, blue veins or rinds that are soft to the touch you realise that cheese specialities are always strong personalities.« Die Presse

»If you have read all the vivid excursions into the world of refined delicacies, you are going to stand in front of the cheese counters with a different perception – if you don’t go straight to the producers, that is.« Badische Neueste Nachrichten

»[Heinzelmann] talks about the caves and farms full of cheese with contagious enthusiasm.« DasMagazin

»an accomplished book about dedicated artisans of indulgence and the sensuousness of cheese« Nordische Esskultur

»a volume filled with stories that offer interesting facts about the different animals, types of milk and landscapes along with information about production methods.« Käsetheke Nr. 1/2019

»If you want to learn more about the most fascinating and delicious food and its production, you should definitely pick up this beautifully designed book!« Bücherrundschau