Gerhard Roth

On Humanity

(German title: Über den Menschen)
ca. 368 pages
Gerhard Roth
Foto: Gerhard Roth
© Jürgen Bauer

Gerhard Roth, born in 1942, is Professor for Behavioural Physiology and Developmental Neurobiology at the Brain Research Institute at the University of Bremen. He has received numerous prizes and awards for his work, most recently the Life Achievement Award. Gerhard Roth is considered one of the most important neuroscientists in the German-speaking world, his books regularly become bestsellers.

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Mankind – from the perspective of a neuroscientist


Hardly any other field of research has undergone developments as turbulent as those within neuroscience. At the same time, the field has become the topic of fierce interdisciplinary debates that predominantly revolve around one single question: Are neuroscientific findings forcing us to revise our established conception of man?

Following in the footsteps of his bestselling work Aus Sicht des Gehirns, Gerhard Roth both comprehensibly and elegantly outlines a conception of man as an intellectual-social being striving to comprehend the meaning of itself and its environment. Humanity in its complexity, he concludes, cannot be grasped by neuroscience or by the humanities and social sciences alone – and yet it is integrated within the unity of nature.