Frank Jakubzik

Perceived Assurance - Stories

(German title: Gefühlte Zuversicht)
ca. 158 pages
Frank Jakubzik

Frank Jakubzik

Frank Jakubzik, born 1965, has translated works by authors such as Zygmunt Bauman, G. K. Chesterton, Colin Crouch, Daniel Miller and Franco Moretti.

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New stories from the exciting wasteland of everyday life


It starts with boring visits to relatives, on a crowded commuter train, at the shelf with the sorted-out books in the entrance area of the city library or in the rain in front of the door to your house. Then one thing leads to another with seemingly imperative logic: in worlds that are ever so slightly removed from the ordinary. Only so far removed, however, that we have no trouble recognising them as our own world and are nevertheless carried off by the author’s boundless empathy and imaginative power. Frank Jakubzik talks about people who are disappointed by the unexpected, and about the strangeness of the ordinary that keeps surprising and overwhelming us.


»Frank Jakubzik delights us with new stories from the age of capitalism.« Jochen Schimmang, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Fifteen stories in which Frank Jakubzik combines the delight he takes in the form with astute observations of society. This is what makes the work an equally substantial and resfreshing read.« Loreen Dalski, SWR 2

»We frequently find wonderfully narrated, individual scenes that shine and that we, should they happen to us personally, are going to be looking at differently from now on.« Lothar Struck, glanzundelend.de

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