Oleg Jurjew

Russian Cargo - Novel

Original Russian title: Vineta
(German title: Die russische Fracht)
ca. 220 pages
Oleg Jurjew
Foto: Oleg Jurjew
© Jürgen Bauer

Oleg Jurjew, born in 1959 in Leningrad, has been publishing essays and plays since 1980. Since 1991 he is living in Frankfurt am Main.

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Attempting to evade criminals threatening his life, Veniamin Jasytschnik flees onto a Ukrainian freighter in the port of St. Petersburg. A ghost ship, as it turns out, carrying on board with it – among other things – Veniamin's colorful past in the form of very lively souls.

The cast includes: a singing captain and his multifarious crew; an Estonian customs official; the bride of a Russian priest gone missing in Poland; a German spy made rich by an oligarch. Czar Peter the Great features as well, as does »the Flying Dutchman« and Hercules of the North. And so begins Veniamin Jasytschnik's journey of adventure. Where does it lead?

Perhaps to Vineta, to the legendary underwater city of happiness and riches in the Baltic Sea – a close relative of the city of St. Petersburg, as it happens. And finally the nostalgic hero can release himself from the bounds of his late-Soviet upbringing.