Ellen Dunne

Black Soul - A case for Patsy Logan

Crime Novel
(German title: Schwarze Seele)
ca. 379 pages
Ellen Dunne
Foto: Ellen Dunne
© Pascalle Rijper-Meijer

Ellen Dunne, born in 1977, worked as a text editor in an advertising agency and then held various positions with Google in its European headquarters in Dublin. She has published two crime novels. Her 2017 crime novel Hard Landing was the first of a new crime series published by insel taschenbuch. Black Soul (2019) is the second installment featuring heroine Patsy Logan.

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Ellen Dunne’s Hard Landing: Nominated for the Friedrich-Glauser-Prize 2018


A drowned Irish man is fished out of the Schwabinger Bach – a stream in the English Garden in Munich. There is no evidential material, but motives galore. Not the ideal starting position for Patsy Logan, the German-Irish detective chief inspector with the Munich homicide squad. She has to call on her instincts more than ever – but those instincts are wavering just when she needs them.

Patsy Logan is at an emotional low: her desire for a child remains unfulfilled, and the hormone treatment is taking its toll. The case of the dead Irishman turns up at just the right moment: Donald McFadden, a man of some charm and many enemies, had been in Munich to win back his ex-wife, Fiona, by force if necessary. But whether he had fallen into the water by accident, or had been given a helping hand, is impossible to say. Plenty of people had reasons for doing him in – and the opportunity, too. Patsy’s theories lead to a series of dead-ends. Until another death provides a seemingly vital clue. It is just unfortunate that Patsy’s own crisis comes to the fore at that very moment…


»An immensely exciting thriller with interesting protagonists and a very cunningly written cliffhanger at the end - I would have liked to go on reading right away. On the upside: Hard Landing is the beginning of a new series.« Radio Bremen on Hard Landing

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Harte Landung/Hard Landing (2017)

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Domestic Rights Sales: German Audiobook (Audible)