Matthias Sachau

Skipping Off Into the Sunset in Flip-Flops

(German title: Mit Flipflops ins Glück)
ca. 250 pages
Matthias Sachau
Foto: Matthias Sachau
© Hanna Sachau

Matthias Sachau, born 1969, began to write after working briefly as an architect. He published various comedy novels with great success. Matthias Sachau lives and works in Berlin and Regensburg.

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The new novel by bestselling author Matthias Sachau

Dream Job or Dream Guy(s)?


Nina is happy with her boyfriend Sami. He know what she likes and sometimes it seems he knows her better than she does herself. No doubt: he is the guy she wants to grow old with.

But from one moment to the next, their life together is being turned upside down: Sami receives a fantastic job offer - in Brazil.
Should Nina go with him? Give up everything for him: friends and family, the Café Chopin that she runs together with her best friend? Would she be able to find her own way in São Paulo, a huge city in which she doesn’t know anyone and where she doesn’t speak the language?
But it’s not only that which brings her sleepless nights: as if she didn’t have enough on her plate, Gero, her great love from school days, suddenly returns into her life and she finds herself caught between two very different possibilities…

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